Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Choosing a New Security Camera

We are bombarded daily by stories of break and enters, thefts, home invasions, and so many more attacks on the family, and the family possessions. We are also aware that we are ultimately responsible for guarding our home and possessions. The law authorities have their hands full trying to keep peace and prevent crimes from happening.

There are several things that the everyday homeowner can do to minimize or prevent theft, damage and destruction of personal property. One action that we all need to consider would be to add a security camera to our home and/or property. It is no longer necessary to hire a security company and pay a monthly fee for this type of coverage.

There are now several options when it comes to security cameras....all of which can be installed by anyone. Consider the benefits of a security camera, and research your options to see which one would best suit your application.

The sophisticated CCTV camera systems allow you to view live feeds as well as recorded footage from anywhere in the world via the internet! This means that if you are travelling abroad, you can see exactly what is happening inside your home thousands of miles away. It is also possible to view the activity on your smart phone, and to receive notification when motion is detected in your home.

The simpler surveillance cameras will also monitor a location and record when movement is detected. This would be perfect for a day-to-day monitor.

An outdoor security camera would also be a wonderful addition to your property. Do you have outbuildings i.e. a shed, barn or garage? The outdoor camera could be positioned so that it will record any activity around these types of buildings. These cameras also record as soon as they detect motion. They are completely weatherproof, and have a large data capacity.

Also an item to consider would be the imitation cameras. Although they have no recording capability, they trick the would-be thief into thinking that they are being recorded. Quite often this is enough to chase the offender away. Theses imitation cameras also have blinking lights to simulate the real thing!

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